How do we see the Panina Art Gallery's role in today's society?

What influences a specific objet d’art (piece of arts’) worth on the market today?


The very nature of price building in art is subjective to the current trends in the market. Neither the name of a famous artist nor an extensive advertising campaign or having a gallery in a prime location (i.e. the center of London, Zurich, New York) guarantee that the work currently on exhibit and on offer is a “real” piece of art and not just another (current) short-term “fashionable piece” being sold for many times its “real” worth.


In the current market one can find many works that draw a lot of attention from the mass media for reasons such as their “scandalizing” nature. Occasionally, these pieces can be sold for huge prices.  At the same time, it is possible that very interesting, quality works that have been professionally and tastefully created may be purchased at a relatively low price.


In this regard, it appears that the price of a piece of art in the current market is not linked mainly to its quality, but to the current popularity of one artist or another.  


In art one can also see a certain phenomenon between collectors – the hope to acquire a painting or a sculpture, from an unknown artist, on occasion, at the lowest possible price and to decorate one’s surrounding so that in the future once the artist possibly becomes famous the market price of the piece of art will increase and may cause a profit for the collector. One hears from time to time about such cases, when someone who acquired a piece of art on occasion many years ago was later able to sell, at a huge profit for themselves - some might even see it as winning the lottery.


In the art market one can simultaneously see very different trends: the acquirement of artworks to secure part of one’s capital, for speculation purposes and most importantly- the acquirement of artworks out of a passionate desire of collectors to own something special and beautiful


How do we see the role of an art gallery in today’s society? Our first and foremost duty applies to our visitor – to exhibit art to the public that in our opinion, shows quality, professionalism and interestingly created works. To show them to as many people as possible and to not force our artistic tastes on anyone, but taking our client’s preferences into account, help them find what really touches their soul. To not find just a random owner for each piece of art, but someone who will be able to fully appreciate it.


Abstaining from trying to educate and cultivate the general public’s taste, we see it as our duty, to only show “worthy” pieces of art, so that any artwork chosen by a client of our gallery, would be of a certain “level” so that any choice would be the right choice.


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