Why an Art Gallery?

The PANINA ART GALLERY (KUNST GALERIE PANINA) is a gallery for contemporary art, established in 2013. It is situated in the small town of St.Blasien in the Black Forest mountainous region of southern Germany.  Maria Panina moved to St.Blasien in 2011. Not only did she find a good school for her two daughters, but also a beautiful 19th century building to house her cultural project.


In particular, the house located in the center of this historical town, on the bank of the river “Alb” (one of the tributaries of the “Rhein”), with a small “Feng Shui” garden for sculpture exhibits, inspired the future owner, Maria Panina, to open a small art center.


Up to this point, Maria Panina had lived in several European countries and was there introduced to the diverse traditions and culture they each had to offer. Born and raised in Moscow (Russia), she studied “Art and Industrial Design” at the well-known Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts. At the beginning of the 90’s, she moved to Barcelona (Spain) where she lived for some 13 years. After several years in Zurich (Switzerland), Maria Panina subsequently moved to St. Blasien, Germany.


Throughout her lifetime, Maria Panina has met a vast number of interesting people. Moving from country to country, allowed her to connect with artists from different cultures, all while continuing with her own artistic work.


Upon moving to St. Blasien, Maria Panina decided she wanted to share her knowledge and experiences with others by working in this field - and what better way to do this than starting up her own cultural project in the independent PANINA ART GALLERY.




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