What does the Panina Art Gallery do?

In the three inviting, light-flooded gallery rooms spread throughout two floors, one can see solo, double and collective thematic exhibitions of contemporary painters and sculptors. Most of the displayed works such as paintings, sculptures and decorative art are for sale. From time to time the PANINA ART GALLERY also holds other cultural activities such as book-readings of newly published books.


The PANINA ART GALLERY shows works of not only German artists, but also of foreigners, who live, plan and carry out their work in Europe.


The arrangement that this gallery has, with the main emphasis being on internationalism and cosmopolitism, was intentionally designed this way.


When an artist with a specific cultural, tonal and educated background moves to a new country, he sees himself and his heritage in a new perspective.


The atmosphere of a new location serves as a source of inspiration and gives a creative personality a strong impulse to spread new creative power. Thereby, the artists make themselves available to foreign influences, as they gather new artistic tendencies and learn new techniques. Such a fresh outlook on their own reality and tradition as an artistic self-reflection is of special interest, if the original artistic imprint mixes with the new impressions, and therefore grants these pieces of art a singular tone that in the eye of the beholder appear to be so extraordinary.


Precisely such artworks, created by masters, which show a “mix” between the craftsmanship of their “home” country and the supranational artistic search of modern Europe, is what we hope, interests not only us, but our visitors as well.


These days, as we all more or less travel the world, we can all see this combination. In any case, cultural integration of this type, is thereby rule-breaking of the common and of the familiar; for the painters as well as for the art aficionados, and is thus enriching for both parties.




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