Which Criteria does the Panina Art Gallery use?

In the PANINA ART GALLERY one can see pictures, sculptures and other artworks on offer. Each piece, does not only dispose of a balanced composition, but is also fashioned in a very unique way.


The main emphasis lies in the quality and professionalism of the exposed work. Criteria such as the level of depth, refinement, characteristics in the realization, as well as strong colors and decorative components all play a big role in the selection as well. 


The thematic orientation and genre of the exhibition is very versatile: from the “nonconformist” decorative avant-garde to the imaginary portraits, as well as landscape paintings, town impressions and much more, one can see a variety of different artworks.


The wish, to surround oneself with beautiful things or objet d’art, is present in every person. We hope that the exhibit selection in the Panina Art Gallery will conform to a wide range of art lovers, aficionados and experts from south Germany, north Switzerland, east France as well as other countries. It is our wish that anyone can find a piece that will bring them joy for years to come, whether in a house, school, clinic, medical-practice, restaurant or bank.


We remain hopeful that our guests, who drop by from time to time out of “curiosity” to see a new exhibition, will leave with raised spirits and with a lighter sentiment overall.


At this point, we would like to take a moment to remember F.M.Dostoyevsky’s famous words that “Beauty will save the world”.



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